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Pallet Solutions is a wooden pallet recycling, removal and delivery company servicing the greater Auckland area. We manufacture and distribute the highest quality new and recycled wooden and plastic pallets throughout West Auckland and the North Shore. 


Recycled Pallets

At Pallet Solutions, we care for the environment, that is why we try our best to use recycled pallet material. We recondition this material and rebuild the pallets to specifications in order to supply you with high-quality recycled pallets at a fraction of the price. Our pallet removal service operates in the North Shore and the greater Auckland area and can pick up your broken pallets. Note: we cannot collect wood waste.


Pallet Repair

You will never have to throw away your broken pallets again! At Pallet Solutions, we can manage your pallet waste by collecting your broken, damaged pallets and repairing them so they are fit for purpose once more and redelivering them back to you. For used pallet recycling and repair, contact us today.


New Pallets

Pallet Solutions manufactures and supplies pallets for the Auckland area. Used for the transportation, shipping and racking and storage of your goods, our pallets are made of the highest quality materials so you can be confident that your goods are undamaged during transit. Our experts are experienced in the design and supply of custom wood pallets and crates for both domestic and international shipping. They can be made to standard dimensions or custom-built according to your needs - we accept orders for wooden pallets and crates of any size.  At Pallet Solutions, we can even brand your pallet, so that you know they won’t be lost in transit.


Crates and Wooden Packaging

Want to ensure your products aren’t damaged during transportation? Want to make a statement with effective packaging? Pallet Solutions can design and build crates and wooden packaging of any shape and size to fit your needs. We can even firebrand your packaging with your company logo for more impact.

Custom Made Pallets

Recycled Pallets

Pallet Repair

Waste Management


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2 Way Pallet 

1200 x 1000mm

Block Pallet 

1200 x 1000mm

plastic pallets auckland

Plastic Pallet 

1100 x 1100mm

pallet recycling companies

Heavy Duty Pallet 

1200 x 1000mm

pallet delivery companies

Banana Pallet 

1000 x 1200mm

Non - Parameter 1200x1000

Non - Parameter  

1200 x 1000mm

pallet removal company

Custom Pallet 

600 x 900mm

dunnage timber1.jpg

Dunnage Timber

Dunnage and Gluts.jpg

Dunnage & Gluts


Heavy Duty Pallet 
2400 x 1200mm

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